Treasure-hunting advice from the four winners of our Clif Weekend Takeover


Congratulations to the winners of our Clif Weekend Takeover prizes for The Great Trail Treasure Hunt! From family road-tripping across provinces, to partnering up with strangers-turned-friends in Winnipeg, to sending a dog to fetch a box in a drainage pump, our weekend warriors tell us how they found the boxes that led them to victory.

John Guthrie – Box #84


I’ve found 22 boxes so far. Just last week I really got going and found all of the boxes in northwestern Ontario. My advice to others: the boxes are always findable by using social media to communicate with fellow geocachers. Don’t be afraid to reach out to others who are involved in the hunt! We’re all happy to share information without giving away too much. I actually met another man on the trail north of Winnipeg. We’re both retired and a little over 65 years old, so we decided to team up on a couple of boxes after that and it proved to be very worthwhile and helpful.

Martin Csomor – Box #148

I think I’ve found 73 boxes so far! Box 148 actually took me a while to find. I searched for a few hours one day but I couldn’t find it, so I gave up and left for a couple of days to find other boxes. But when I returned, I suddenly found it, exactly where the coordinates said it would be. My advice is to take your time and look around. My favourite box I found in a small town, although I can’t remember where now, and it had been stuck in a drainage tube. I ended up sending my dog in to go get it! It’s great, I’ve been to a lot of places that I wouldn’t have seen otherwise or even thought to go explore.

Ross Family (Mom, Dad, Grayson, Nolan and Gavin) – Box #94

We looked a lot that day. There were two that we didn’t find, and then two (including box 94) that we were able to locate. We were on a road trip from B.C. to Alberta so we stopped a bunch of places on the way home. We’re new to geocaching, we just started this year with the kids and it’s been fun to search locally. We heard about the Treasure Hunt a week ago and we happened to be doing this road trip, so we took advantage of the boxes along our route. It was the perfect reason to stop the car and get outside to stretch our legs. The kids were excited to find the treasure box, but Dad might have been the most excited, he was really pumped!

Tonya Shalay – Box #106

I went to the location several times in the beginning, but the box wasn’t there. I went looking for it right after the contest had opened because I wanted to be the first one to find it. It’s definitely there now, right where it’s supposed to be, all chained in place and it’s not going anywhere! It’s under Parks Canada’s red chairs out on an open rock in Schreiber, Ont., so I had no problem finding it. Now that I’ve found my first one, I can go look for other ones too!

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