A Q&A with Janet Shellnutt, last year’s grand prize winner


Janet Shellnutt couldn’t believe it when she learned she’d won the grand prize in the 2018 Great Trail Treasure Hunt, but in just a couple of weeks, the Dartmouth, N.S. resident will be off on the trip of a lifetime: an expedition cruise for two up the coast of Labrador with One Ocean Expeditions. We caught up with Janet to find out what got her into the Hunt and what she likes best about her local trails.

How long have you been into geocaching?

I’ve been doing geocaching since September 2017. Someone I know had started geocaching and was talking about it, and I said “Gee, that sounds really interesting,” so he took me out and showed me the ropes. To me, it’s a great way to get outdoors and explore new places. There are places you don’t even know exist until you go out looking for a geocache. It’s fun; you can go for hours and you don’t even realize it.

How much did you know about The Great Trail before you joined the contest?

My first introduction to it was many years ago, when it was just starting and they were looking for donations to help turn the trail into what it is today. One Christmas my husband and I gave a donation in the family’s name, and we would give them after that too for people who had particularly touched our lives. Our son had a tutor who liked the outdoors, so we made a donation in his name. Here in Dartmouth they have a plaque on the waterfront about the Trail and all people who have made donations; I checked last spring and my name is still on the plaque!

What do you like about your local trails?

Where I live, the trails are really well groomed, so anybody, of any age, can go out and bike or walk the dog or take the stroller. There are so many beautiful spots and you can go right up to Lawrencetown.

What was it like to win the grand prize in last year’s Hunt?

I was a three-minute celebrity there for a bit! I went to my book club and it turned out I was on the front of the little local newspaper. Everyone’s been waiting for this year’s contest to start. I think it’ll become a tradition; just like there are people that go camping every year, there will be people hunting for treasure every year!

This year’s grand prize is an expedition cruise for two around Canada’s East Coast with One Ocean Expeditions. Get hunting for your chance to win!

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