The hunt is on!

Grab your friends, gear up and hunt for over 200 treasures across Canada. Win amazing prizes by discovering hidden boxes along The Great Trail, the longest recreational trail in the world!

Your adventure begins here!

Choose a treasure

We’ve hidden over 200 treasure boxes along The Great Trail all across Canada. Explore the map below and choose a treasure to hunt for.

Gather GPS coordinates

With over 24,000 kilometres of trail, you’re going to need some hints. Enter the location provided on your GPS or smartphone.

Get hunting!

The Great Trail is the longest network of recreational, multi-use trails in the world! Get outside and start exploring!

Stake your claim!

Locate the treasure box, log your name, date and time in the log book and retrieve the redemption code.

Enter to WIN

We have over 200 amazing prizes to give away. Enter the redemption code for your chance to win hundreds of great prizes.

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The Great Trail Treasure Hunt is an adventure that gets Canadians exploring the longest recreational trail in the world.

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